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Armed Conflict

Putin calls downing of Russian jet a 'stab in the back'

ImageThe shooting down of Russian fighter plane will have "serious consequences" for ties between Ankara and Moscow, Russian President Vladimir Putin has said. Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov canceled a trip to Turkey.


CSU forces Merkel into uncomfortable refugee dialogue

ImageOfficially, Angela Merkel is not backing away from her open-door policy toward refugees. However, a discussion aimed at limiting the influx of refugees is long underway.

Transatlantic relations

French war against Islamic State relies on US cooperation

ImagePresidents Francois Hollande and Barack Obama have vowed to ramp up their joint efforts to destroy Islamic State. France's strategy after the Paris attacks requires broad US cooperation and a role for Russia.

United States

Police video shows Chicago officer shooting black teen

A white police officer has been charged with murder as video emerged showing the shooting of a 17-year-old black teenager. The killing, in October 2014, has reignited a debate over race relations and police brutality.


Alleged Paris plotter returned to scene of attacks, planned another suicide bombing

Authorities say the alleged ringleader of the terror attacks in Paris was planning to carry out another attack the following week. Abdelhamid Abaaoud was killed in a shootout with police days after the carnage.

Latin America

Cuban nationals stranded en route to US

Talks have stalled between Latin American ministers as thousands of US-bound Cuban migrants are left stranded. The Costa Rican foreign minister has called the situation "a serious humanitarian crisis in the region."


One dead as hostage situation in northern France ends

Several people taken hostage in the town of Roubaix are reported to be safe but one suspected gunman was found dead. Police said the incident was not linked to the Paris attacks.


25.11.1973: Oil Crisis Forces an Oil Ban


1844: Carl Friedrich Benz

Days to remember

1992: Irish Vote Against Abortion