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Thailand arrests 'main' suspect in shrine bombing

ImageThe main suspect in last month's deadly bombing at a shrine in central Bangkok has been arrested. Twenty people were killed and dozens of others wounded in the explosion.


Thai court acquits journalists of criminal defamation

ImageA court has cleared two journalists who were sued for slander by the Thai navy. The article which appeared on news website "Phuketwan" accused some members of the Navy of being involved in migrant smuggling.

Court Cases

First Love Parade trial opens in Duisburg

ImageFive years after the Love Parade ended in tragedy in the German city of Duisburg, the organizers are being forced to defend themselves in court. Twenty-one people died and hundreds were injured when a stampede broke out.


Dutch government to appeal court ruling on emissions cuts

Ministers say they'll appeal a court decision forcing the Dutch government to increase cuts to greenhouse gas emissions. The rare intervention by the judiciary has been hailed by enivironment groups.


UN confirms destruction of ancient Temple of Bel in Palmyra, Syria

Satellite images from the UN have confirmed irreparable damage to the Temple of Bel in Syria's ancient city of Palmyra. The cultural agency UNESCO has called the destruction of the site a war crime.


Austria struggles to cope with influx of refugees

Hundreds of refugees are making their way across the border from Hungary to Austria on a daily basis - most of them are now heading to Vienna, hoping to continue on to Germany. Alison Langley reports from Nickelsdorf.


Japan's Olympic logo scrapped in fresh controversy

A week after the logo's designer was accused of plagiarising, new claims of copying have surfaced. But the Olympic Committee said public opinion, and not the allegations, had forced them to scrap the emblem.


1.9.1939: Beginning of Second World War


1854: Engelbert Humperdinck

Days to remember

1922: "Ulysses" published in censored form